Our intelligent quality assurance software provides you with a reliable and precise tool for automated post or pre-inspection of your digitized material in METS/ALTO format. Validator is used both as a stand-alone solution and in combination with our docWizz software.



Validator automatically checks whether the digitised material complies with the set standards, for example whether the XML files were formed correctly, the image files have the correct compression or the metadata are consistent. At the same time Validator recommends random samples for manual checking of OCR, image quality and layout analysis.


Use Validator to organize multiple projects in parallel and distribute them to multiple servers and users as needed. The results of the validation (at batch, document or file level) are issued as a detailed feedback report in structured HTML format and other file formats, allowing you to ensure the quality standards for your projects in a time and cost efficient manner.

1. Configuration

Specify which parameters should be automatically inspected and define the proportion of samples for manual checks.

2. Import

Upload the data manually or set up an automatic import of all freshly imported files. These can be digital documents of your own making or data that you receive from external service providers.


3. Auto Check

Clearly measurable properties such as image resolution, color profile, file name and METS/ALTO scheme are automatically checked.

4. Manual Check

A representative proportion of documents selected by you goes through the manual follow-up checks for OCR, layout analysis and scan quality.

5. Reporting

A detailed feedback report with the results of the validation is provided in clearly structured HTML format as well as in XML, PDF, Excel and CVS files.

“Validator helps us to easily determine if data from digitized material is delivered according to our standards. By using different colors when working with article segmentation, checking the layout of a page is easy and efficient. The automatic validation is great because it takes away most of the need to create custom scripts to validate XML files with (multiple) schemas, check specific fields that are important to us, or cross-check data between files.”
Thomas Haighton, National Library of the Netherlands