ORCA = Online Remote Correction App
With our cloud service ORCA, your projects go through an efficient manual OCR rectification process. You organize your projects online and distribute the subsequent corrections according to individual requirements to internal employees or qualified external service providers worldwide.

Selective Outsourcing

Our cloud service ORCA lets you manage complex projects in a time, cost and quality efficient manner by distributing the OCR post-production to a worldwide network of native speaker proofreaders. ORCA is the tool of choice when projects exceed the capacities of internal staff or when the subsequent correction has to be done in a foreign language or writing system.

Focused Manpower

Using the ORCA interface is intuitive, no previous knowledge or special qualifications from the revisors. The OCR corrections can be performed from anywhere in the world (provided there is internet access). You distribute the OCR correction tasks internally or externally, thus ensuring that the manpower is used optimally. 
ORCA OCR Remote Correction App

“ORCA is a great product. It simplifies the OCR correction process and thereby solves a central bottleneck problem. I am pleased that CCS has made the additional effort to develop it further, with my team giving first-hand feedback.”
Vincent Tan, CD Imaging Singapore