New CCS app: Titanic UK

Following the Titanic NY app that recaptured the first week of press coverage in New York, our new app – created in cooperation with BrightSolid – focuses on the area around Titanic’s departure harbour in South England and the regional press reaction to one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history. See for yourself and enjoy getting in touch with scarce Zeitgeist documents of this still so present tragedy.

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We are a software company specializing in the fields of Digital Libraries and Digital Press Reviews.
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What drives us since 1976 is the question of how we can make knowledge more accessible by using technology. We develop intelligent software to digitize archives and bundle news. We design innovative display systems to present content in an interactive and exciting way. Our customers include the world’s most prestigious and advanced libraries, publishers, companies, content providers, ministries and media monitoring agencies. Welcome to CCS.


  • – 40 years of experience
  • – Leader in software and workflow automation
  • – Quality “Made in Germany”
  • – Continuing development and innovation of products
  • – Leader in digital press review and library software
  • – Member of most important XML committees

Meet CCS

10–12 April 2019 – ACRL Exhibition, Cleveland, USA
19–22 May 2019 – AAM’s Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo, New Orleans, USA
20–25 June 2019 – ALA Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA
26–28 June 2019 – LIBER Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland
24–30 August 2019 – IFLA General Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece

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CCS Dr. Gerald Schreiber

Dr. Gerald Schreiber
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Management Romania
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Strategic Initiatives
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Human Resources
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Dr. Hartmut Janczikowski
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George Schlukbier, Sales (USA)

Sales (USA)
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Digitization Services
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Software Development
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Partner Sales
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Customer Relations
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Technical Support
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