Benefit from our software products to achieve optimally coordinated solutions for the various application areas of your digitization projects.


The pages of scanned newspaper archives and library holdings are converted, enriched with sustainable METS/ALTO metadata, secured long-term and made available for flexible further use. docWizz offers a comfortable, seamless workflow.


Our intelligent quality assurance software provides you with a reliable and precise tool for automated post or pre-inspection of your digitised material in METS/ALTO format. Validator is used both as a stand-alone solution and in combination with our docWizz software.


With our cloud service ORCA, your projects go through an efficient manual OCR rectification process. You organize your projects online and distribute the subsequent corrections according to individual requirements to internal employees or qualified external service providers worldwide.


Manage, monitor and analyze mass digitization projects from any location and at any time with our browser-based tracking and monitoring module itemTracking. The whereabouts of the document and the conversion status of the digitised material are tracked.


CLOUTODO, a cloud-based solution developed by CCS for KITODO.PRODUCTION, is a digitization and conversion application for libraries, archives, museums and information centres to digitize and convert their document collections. CLOUTODO supports the complete digitization workflow, from scanning to long-term preservation and presentation.