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Here you can find current PDFs and presentations with information about docWizz.

dWScanClient User manual

dWScanClient is a tool to review image files during or after scanning. It displays image files and related information, e.g. meta data, page numbers, or other relevant data. Do scanning using flatbed scanners, automated or manual book scanners.

docWizz Reference Book

We describe here technical oriented information and configuration details. You need system administrator permissions to use most of the described functions. Functionality be called up  via a menu, button or a hotkey.

docWizz Languages

Here you find the overview of the Languages.

docWizz workflow types

The differences between the requirements in digitization for various types of material were first described in the METAe project. A basic structure was defined, and then refined for the three most common types of documents, i.e. monographs, newspapers and serials.

docWizz Shortcuts

docWizz List of Shortcuts.

docWizz System Requirements

docWizz is the only software that bundles all necessary conversion steps in a single, smooth workflow. The three docWizz editions (Basic, Pro and Enterprise) guarantee a custom-fit solution for your project, be it a small collection or a National Library.

docWizz User´s Manual

This manual intends to explain docWizz in a simple manner so that you can get started quickly an see results.