New CCS app: Titanic UK

Following the Titanic NY app that recaptured the first week of press coverage in New York, our new app – created in cooperation with BrightSolid – focuses on the area around Titanic’s departure harbour in South England and the regional press reaction to one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history. See for yourself and enjoy getting in touch with scarce Zeitgeist documents of this still so present tragedy.

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Content Conversion Specialists

We are a German software company specializing in the fields of Digital Library and Archive and Digital Press Review and Media Monitoring. In both areas our products are among the best in the world.

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07–10 May 2017 – American Alliance of Miuseums, St. Louis (MagicBox, docWorks)
23–26 June 2017 – ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, Chicago (MagicBox, docWorks)
05–07 July 2017 – LIBER Annual Conference, Patras (MagicBox, MagicTouch, docWorks)
16–18 August 2017 – IFLA News Media Section, Dresden (docWorks)
19–25 August 2017 – IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Wrocław (MagicBox, docWorks)
21–24 October – ACTC Association of Science Technology Centers, San Jose (MagicBox)
04–06 October 2017 – FIBEP Congress, Berlin (newsWorks)
22–24 November 2017 – Exponatec, Cologne (MagicBox)

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Information material



CCS docWorks Digital Library Digitisation Conversion

What is docWorks

docWorks is a software program used by the most renowned libraries, publishing houses, and companies worldwide to digitize and convert their valuable library holdings and archives for easy access, searchability, and long-term preservation. The term “Digital Library” falls a little short of comprehensive in describing the actual result. “Digital” means the transformation of printed documents to digital images—i.e., by scanning pages and receiving JPGs, TIFFs, or PDFs. However, to create a truly searchable digital library, these images need to be “converted” into intelligent units using OCR (text recognition) and zoning (e.g., the identification of different articles on a newspaper page). docWorks is the only software that bundles all necessary conversion steps in a single, smooth workflow. Various docWorks editions guarantee a custom-fit solution for your project, be it a small collection or a National Library.
CCS docWorks Zoning Digital Library Digitization Conversion Software

Advantages of a Digital Library

  • – Easy access to a worldwide audience
  • – Much better, faster and more comprehensive search
  • – Foundation for long-term preservation
  • – Holdings are available for second-cycle exploitation

Why docWorks

  • – Single, smooth workflow with central control center
  • – Time savings due to streamlined and automated process
  • – No expensive errors from false copying or lost data shipments
  • – Consistent, standardized output
  • – Easily upscalable, from thousands to millions of pages

CCS docWorks Cropping Zoning Structure OCR Metadata Quality Assurance Digital Library Digitization Conversion Software

How does docWorks work

docWorks “converts” scanned images. More specifically, docWorks identifies the information contained in scanned pages (such as text and structure), saves this information in an XML file, and adds this file to the image. The two essential conversion steps are OCR and segmentation of the document by logical units (articles, chapters, etc.). Only through OCR can a scanned page be searchable, and zoning and structure recognition ensure that only relevant search results are displayed. For instance, if no zoning/structure is applied, a multiple-word search within newspapers might display thousands of results because the single search words are being found throughout an entire newspaper page. Segmentation of the page by its different articles will ensure that the search words are found in the same article.
The conversion process runs through different steps: Following import, the scanned images are “cropped,” meaning they are cut to a consistent size. This step is followed by zoning (segmentation of the page by classified blocks and columns) and the editing of structure (paragraph, chapter, article), text correction, and metadata. Next comes a standardized output of the data in METS/ALTO files, which are stored in the archive and fed into the presentation system. Every workflow step consists of an automatic analysis executed by docWorks and a manual correction. This correction can be done by the docWorks user, or it can be outsourced to specialized service partners. Important: If the correction is outsourced, the service partner receives a special online access that allows him/her to process the data from anywhere in the world. The actual data always remains with the docWorks client. Please go to Digitization Services to learn more.
CCS docWorks Cropping Zoning Structure OCR Metadata Quality Assurance Digital Library Digitization Conversion Software

Presentation systems and app

We work with a selection of systems that help you to best present your Digital Library online. Besides the standard website solution, we have developed a special app that provides a whole new way to experience digital publications. The app offers thumbnail preview, automatically created table of contents, and text search. Table of contents and search results link directly to their respective sources, highlighted in color. Thanks to the gesture control of tablets, you can leaf through digital publications as you would an actual book. This allows you to present valuable content in a simple, modern, and excitingly graphical way to an interested audience — or you can use the app as an internal communications tool to inform colleagues and stakeholders about the advantages and progress of your digitization efforts. The app is designed to grow continuously through the addition of topics, pictures, texts, or whole publications.
CCS docWorks Display Presentation Solutions Web App User Interface Experience



CCS newsWorks newsClip newsCorr newsPress Kanzlermappe iPad App Digital Electronic Press Review

What is newsWorks

newsWorks is a software program used to create professional digital press and media reviews. Our clients include global companies, federal ministries and institutions, as well as media monitoring agencies. A newsWorks digital press review is multimedia-based and can be forwarded as a download, email, RSS, or app to any number of recipients. No matter where you are or when, all devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets are served with the highest standard of press review. By using newsWorks, you are able to create top-level digital press reviews that are sleek, well-arranged, and user-friendly — the foundation for the right strategic decisions and a successful business.

Why newsWorks

A press review is the daily calling card of the company’s press department to the board of directors and other press-review recipients. This is why we focus strongly on the best technology, an appealing design, and customized solutions to provide you with the best software for your press work. Flexible modules ensure that you get the product that matches your needs. Selected configurations offer the possibility to efficiently correct and adapt article contents, delete unnecessary duplications (e.g., identical press bulletins), and arrange the clippings in fitting rubrics. An additional highlight is the option to evaluate articles and have a graphical analysis of your media response.
CCS newsWorks newsClip newsCorr newsPress iPad App Digital Electronic Press Review


How does newsWorks work

Thanks to its flexible, modular system, newsWorks adapts perfectly to your needs and demands.

CCS newsWorks newsClip newsCorr newsPress newsFlow Digital Electronic Press Review

CCS newsWorks newsClip newsCorr newsPress iPad App Digital Electronic Press Review

Mobile solutions

Because a large number of our clients read their press reviews on mobile devices, we developed mobile solutions to match. Our flagship development is the newsWorks app, which comes in a minimalistic, sleek, and intuitive design that perfectly uses all advantages provided by tablet technology (multitouch and gesture control, simple zooming, and page swipe). These features are combined with everything you expect in a classic press review: clearly arranged running text; articles sorted by date, category, and subject; compelling original-scan views; pin-sharp image galleries — and even (in version 6.3 and later) embedded audio and video clips.
Experience a whole new world of digital press reviews and download the free newsWorks app now!

Summary newsWorks

Scanned press articles, TIFF, JPG, JPG2000
PDF, PDF/A (with searchable full text and keyword highlighting)
MobileCast (HTML for mobile devices)
App (for iPad)
RSS feed
- Automated layout analysis (identification of image and text elements)
- Automated clipping of desired articles
- Automated OCR and text correction
- Automated capture of meta data
- Automated embedding of original-scan view
- Automated assembly of the articles into a press review
- Individual evaluation of articles and organization into categories
- Individual branding of press reviews with client CI
- Capability to add workflow monitoring system
- Further automation by connecting a processing server
- Automated highlighting of defined keywords
- Automatically updated feeds from news portals

Digitization Services

CCS digitizationServices docWorks Digital Library Digitization Conversion Scanning Book Software

What are Digitization Services

Implementation of the entire digitization process — selecting the documents, scanning them, monitoring the conversion steps, and the final filing — can be done directly by the docWorks user, or it can be outsourced to a qualified, CCS-affiliated service partner. Besides being technically challenging, multimillion-page projects are also very ambitious in terms of logistics. To meet these special demands, CCS has developed its customized Digitization Services for project and process management, to ensure a smooth, careful, and economical conversion of your valuable materials and to convey all the benefits of renowned docWorks technology.
CCS digitizationServices docWorks Digital Library Digitization Conversion Scanning Book Software


CCS digitizationServices docWorks itemTracking Digital Library Digitization Conversion Scanning Book Software


A very helpful tool to keep track of all documents during the digitization and conversion process is the browser-based tracking and monitoring module called itemTracking. Each document is labeled with a barcode that allows you to follow the conversion status of the item. Access to itemTracking is possible from any Internet-connected computer — so you can manage, monitor, and analyze your digitization projects at any time, from anywhere.

Content Experience

CCS docWorks digitizationServices MagicBox App iPad Apps User Experience Digital Library Digitization Conversion Scanning Book Software Display Presentation Audience

See. Touch. Wow.

We believe that technology can pave new ways of learning. The MagicBox® is an astonishing innovation that magically fuses traditional display cases with actual hands-on experience. Print publications, up to now limited to a look-only display spread, will be fully tangible at the fi ngertips of the audience. Physical objects can be combined with video and 3D animation to enhance the understanding of their functionality and history. The MagicBox® enables pulsating windows to a world of wonder, enriching exhibitions not only with valuable information, but by making them truly memorable experiences.
CCS docWorks digitizationServices MagicBox App iPad Apps User Experience Digital Library Digitization Conversion Scanning Book Software Display Presentation Audience

It‘s a kind of magic.

The MagicBox works with a 47“ transparent touch screen that is incorporated in the front glass of the display case. The digital content is not projected on the glass, it is in the glass. This makes it possible to superimpose images, videos and 3D models on the exhibited object while keeping the same object visible at all time. The MagicBox is the coming together of the physical and the digital, each blossoming with the help of the other.


Surprise your visitors. Again and again.

For the MagicBox we developed a fi le structure that lets you easily edit the digital content according to your wishes. You want to provide access to books and newspapers from the 20th century and share a video and historic photos? Sure. You want to do the same for material from the 19th century the next week? No problem. Just collect the material on your desktop, arrange it in the MagicBox fi le system and load it onto the MagicBox. It‘s that simple. And to make the exchange of the exhibited physical object as convenient, the MagicBox comes with an unbelievably easy opening mechanism that blends in with the display case.
CCS docWorks digitizationServices MagicBox App iPad Apps User Experience Digital Library Digitization Conversion Scanning Book Software Display Presentation Audience



Wir sind auf der Suche nach interessanten und engagierten Menschen, die Spaß daran haben komplexe Dinge einfach und verständlich zu machen, Softwareprozesse per Automatisierung harmonisch fließen zu lassen und für jedes Projekt die optimale Lösung zu finden – kurz: uns dabei helfen unsere Produkte noch besser zu machen. Wer auch noch ein ausgeprägtes Interesse für Bücher, Zeitungen, neue Medien und Design mitbringt – umso besser.

Unser Büro ist im schönen Hamburg, wir arbeiten international und abwechslungsreich mit geschichtsträchtigen Kulturgütern, aktuellen Medien und digitalen Zukunftstechnologien. Eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten, die Möglichkeit schnell Ergebnisse deiner Arbeit zu sehen, flache Hierarchien und direkte Kommunikation sind die Grundprinzipien, die unsere Zusammenarbeit prägen.


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