MagicBox® Download

Here you can find the current MagicTouch-Software for the MagicBox and MagicTouch Kiosk.

MagicTouch Manual

Typical for MagicTouch is its “tile design”, a set of up to 4 clearly-arranged square touch points that offers the user a clear choice of options and lets him or her easily navigate the content on display.

MagicBox Manual

The MagicBox is an astonishing innovation that magically fuses traditional display cases with actual hands-on experience. The MagicBox® enables pulsating windows to a world of wonder, enriching exhibitions not only with valuable information, but by making them truly memorable experiences.

MagicTouch Software

MagicTouch-Software for the MagicBox.

MagicTouch Software

MagicTouch-Software for the MagicTouch Kiosk.