New CCS app: Titanic UK

Following the Titanic NY app that recaptured the first week of press coverage in New York, our new app – created in cooperation with BrightSolid – focuses on the area around Titanic’s departure harbour in South England and the regional press reaction to one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history. See for yourself and enjoy getting in touch with scarce Zeitgeist documents of this still so present tragedy.


Gold Coast Libraries buys MagicBox

City of Gold Coast Libraries administrates 13 regional libraries in the Australian Gold Coast region. They have purchased a MagicBox with oak finish.

“Until now, the best access we‘ve been able to give our customers to digitized content has been through a standard PC or device screen. The MagicBox® creates a whole new experience, which will reach many more customers, enabling them to see and explore content that may previously have been more limited. Our staff can continuously add to the device, and change content frequently to maintain an engaging user experience that fires the imagination.”
– Marian Morgan-Bindon, Director, Gold Coast Libraries